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The Vanilla Rabbit


From a young age Tracey Phillips, the founder of The Vanilla Rabbit, had a passion for baking; she fondly remembers the Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs cake she made in her Year 10 Home Economics class. From there, she continued her love for cake decorating once her children were born and still looked forward to making her four daughters whatever their hearts desired on their birthdays. Her children taught her that cakes can bring so much joy. 


Tracey loves being present when a client collects their cake and seeing the joy that a cake can bring. A few years ago, Tracey's youngest daughter started school, so she decided she didn't wish to continue her career as a Social Worker - hence The Vanilla Rabbit was created. Since then, Tracey has enjoyed playing a small part in many people's special occasions. 


The 'word of mouth' grapevine and repeat clientele have ensured consistent growth in Tracey's business. She is passionate about creating you amazing cakes, cupcakes and cookies for your next special event - that tastes as good as it looks.

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